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Gazehounds of New England


Gazehounds of New England (GONE) is entering its 15th year as a lure coursing club and is going strong! When we started, back in 1998, it was as a "user friendly" club and we remain so today. We currently have 40 members from all over New England.

Our philosophy is to endeavor to help all newcomers at our lure coursing events to ensure a fun and educational introduction to the sport.

Our goal is to ensure that beginners enjoy their experience and are eager to return and try again!

4/17 - Added a Photo Gallery page with a note from Ben and some images from the 4/15-16 Trial

Gazehounds of New England Events for 2017

Sep 2-4 ASFA Starkville, NY. Iron Dog Weekend

Oct 14-15 ASFA Griswold, CT. We elected to host the Region 9 Regional on Saturday. Sunday will be a regular ASFA trial

Nov 4-5 AKC Ayer, MA. We will offer JC & QC tests that day

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