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Gazehounds of New 

April 15 - 16, 2017

GONE held its Spring ASFA Lure Coursing Trial at the beautiful Waterford Town Beach overlooking the Long Island Sound. ( April 15 & 16 ) As FTC, I want to extend a special thank you to Sue Ann & Clay for securing the field, posting the lure coursing signs, making arrangements with the Road Dogger food vendors Margaret and Rob for Saturday, and basically making this past weekend a positive event. Also to our judges, Ping Pirrung from PA, Jeanie Martin from Ontario and Kathy Sanders from NJ, and most of all to all of you who brought your beautiful sighthounds.
On Saturday, it was such a pleasure to see some "old coursing human faces", and, we even had 3 newbies who stayed from morning until practice in the afternoon to watch their Greyhound and Borzoi run which were spectacular.
On Easter Sunday, we had a small entry which was understandable but I'm quite sure that everyone had a fun time watching the spectacular courses, and a certain entertaining Pharaoh who shall remain nameless :) For Best in Field we had Peter's Rhodesian Ridgeback Luella and a Kathy's Basenji Henna, and the winner was little Henna.
I have to admit that I was really impressed with the amount of new volunteers who stepped up to help us with inspection, paddock, field clerking, hunt mastering, and assisting other newbies.

Thank you again, Ben