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Gazehounds of New England
Other Local Clubs

BASHA Big Apple Sighthound Association
CLASS Central Leatherstocking Area Sighthound Society
ESC Empire Saluki Club
GSG Granite State Greyhounds
GVFRRC Greater Valley Forge Rhodesian Ridgeback Club
HRVHA Hudson River Valley Hound Association
IWAGS Irish Wolfhound Association of the Garden State
JRRWA Jersey Rag Racers Whippet Association
LCLC Lake Country Lure Coursers
LVCC Lehigh Valley Coursing Club
MDIHC Mason-Dixon Ibizan Hound Club
NERRC New England Rhodesian Ridgeback Club
NAHC Nutmeg Afghan Hound Club
NEWC New England Whippet Club
OLCA Ontario Lure Coursing Association
PHONE Pharaoh Hound Owners of New England
T&HLC Tortise & Hare Lure Coursing
UCBSC Upper Chesapeake Bay Saluki Club

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